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Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute
Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute

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Dead Legendary Artists Today Project

12 Legendary Artists & What They Would Look Like Today

The world has celebrated some pretty iconic artists through the decades of music that we have enjoyed. The unfortunate curse of being a celebrity sometimes takes a different turn that what the majority of the population imagine. Some artists indulge in a destructive lifestyle while others suffer the consequences of unfortunate events. ...

The Last Door Online Game

The Last Door Adds Another Chilling Chapter To The Online Game

Update: Earlier this year I got to try out a new browser-based indie horror game titled The Last Door, developed by the Game Kitchen. The game was being released in small, hour-long chapters, so I only got to play the first chapter. Now that 3 chapters have been released, a re-introduction of the ...

Gravity Movie Science Fiction Space

Gravity: A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Film Showcasing The Dangers Of Space

Alfonso Cuaron’s new sci-fi film Gravity is not only a groundbreaking film that effectively showcases the dangers of outer space, it is also a piece of technical mastery, with many new technologies invented specifically for the film in order to achieve its incredible visuals. It also pays homage to the countless number ...


Spooky Drive-Thru Halloween Skeleton Prank Is Worth Doing Yourself

It’s that time of year again when we are treated to all kinds of Halloween pranks that will inspire us to come up with our own for the big night on October 31. A good prank is always welcome, and sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity to put together a really, ...


Netflix Geek Edition: Our Handpicked Favs For Your Viewing Pleasure

We live in an ever increasing digitally driven world. And with this lifestyle, outdated technologies are left at the wayside to make room for ever expanding advances. As the VHS was left aside for DVD, and DVD was beat out by Blu-ray, so is Blu-ray beginning its decline from its reign over ...


13 Burning Questions About Breaking Bad’s Storage Unit [Infographic]

Almost everyone I know is dying to see the Breaking Bad series finale this Sunday. There are so many questions, especially about that money-filled storage unit. Have you ever seen a storage unit and wondered if anything extraordinary could be hidden inside? Breaking Bad demonstrated that something monumental could be tucked inside ...


The Walking Dead Season 3 Recap If Told By Dr. Seuss

Here’s more creativity inspired by everyone’s favorite show about walkers. After several months of zombie-less TV, The Walking Dead will finally be back next month. To celebrate, all kinds of fun quips and quirks are popping up. Recently, I wrote about four doctors at the University of California, Irvine who will be ...


Doctor Who: The Clock Strikes Twelve As The Newest Doctor Is Announced

As of Sunday August 4, 2013, the clock struck twelve for the Doctor. Peter Capaldi was announced as the actor who will be portraying the newest Doctor, which is the twelfth incarnation of the role. He will be taking over the infamous part that is currently played by Matt Smith, who has ...


10 Odd Insured Celebrity Body Parts (Including Legs Worth A Billion)

Celebrities live very different lives than the rest of us, and that goes far beyond the big houses and fancy clothes. It also includes taking insurance out on their moneymaking body parts. Celebrity body part insurance, or in this case, extreme celebrity body part insurance, is more common than you may think. ...


Comics On Broadway: X-Men The Musical & Other Theater Adaptations

It has just been announced that 20th Century Fox has joined forces with Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum (“Rent”), film producer John Davis (“Predator”) and Crossroads Media’s Tom McGrath to turn the studio’s films into staged productions on the Great White Way. Such films would include, X-Men, Rise of the Planet of the ...


20 Legendary People’s Real Passports [Pictures]

There has always been a level of mystique surrounding the superstars of the world. Legendary people like Marilyn Monroe and Walt Disney have become synonymous with the word legend itself, and their names stay fresh even in the minds of the newer generations. Once you hit the level of success these people have ...


Extreme Guide: What To Watch On Netflix [Flowchart]

Alright, so Netflix is pretty much on everyone’s TV these days, right? Well, at least it could be with its around 30 million subscribers (or is it more by now?). My own experience with Netflix is somewhat mixed. I love the fact that you pay a subscription fee for access to all ...