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Floral Skull: 5-Foot Tall Skull Covered In Soft Leather Flowers

This huge skull sculpture is completely covered in handmade leather flowers. It took 300 days & nights and a million stitches to create this unique artwork.

Disappearing Package Design Creates No Waste…It Just Washes Away

The Disappearing Package is a package design that incorporates the package into the product itself. When you use the product, the package gets used up too.

Micro Logo Design Applied To Google, Facebook, Twitter & More

What happens when you take world renowned company logos like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more and turn them into micro logo designs that lack color?

Thermo Sensitive Business Cards Add The Ultimate Personal Touch

Natalie Daniels wanted to be a little more personal, so she decided to have thermo sensitive business cards created to set herself apart from everyone else.

Japan’s Gallery For Puzzles Which Took A Computer Algorithm To Design

This gallery in Japan which stores the country's puzzle collection required a computer algorithm to design. They wanted to fit 144 pentacubes in this space.

10 Houses With Intriguing Secret Rooms & Passageways

These 10 houses all have secret rooms which lead to a hidden place that nobody who walks through the house would ever see. It's like having a real TARDIS.

Innovative Portable Peephole Design Gives You A 360-Degree View

This little portable peephole will make sure you have a 360-degree view of the hotel hallway when you look out. That way, nobody can sneak up on you.

Old Bus Transformed Into A Stylish, Sharp Home Office

This guy took part of an old bus (where the driver would sit), gutted it, painted it, and created a snazzy little home office which he put in his bedroom.

The Truth About Being A Freelance Web Designer [Infographic]

So you want to be a freelance web designer? Have a look at what it really means to take on this profession before you slingshot your way into total chaos.

10 Online Confessions From Creative People Seeking Forgiveness

Are you a creative person who gets into mischief at work? Perhaps you need to make some online confessions to release your guilt. Read 10 confessions here.

Portable House Big Enough For 2 People Fits On The Back Of A Tricycle

This portable house, which is big enough for 2 people, is lightweight enough to carry on the back of your bike. Wait till you see how it looks inside. Nice!

15 Years Of Apple Website History [Slideshow]

Could Apple's success be based on their loyal website customers? Maybe their 15 year website history could tell us the answer to that interesting question.

11 Famous Business Cards That Became Legendary

There are business cards that have become legendary just because of their awesomeness. These are 11 famous business cards worth taking a closer look at.

Feline Architecture: This Is Your Cat’s Dream Home

If you want to make your cat's life as wonderful as possible, you might consider designing your cat's dream home. You'll have to share a bathroom though.

Get Out Of Bed: Carpet Alarm Clock Forces You To Wake Up

Do you need a little something extra to help you get out of bed in the morning? Perhaps this carpet with an alarm clock embedded in it will do the trick!