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Sticker Lamp Design: Just Peel & Stick It To Your Wall For Light

These sticker lamps are the most convenient light source ever. You just peel the back & stick them on any surface where you need light. Nice design too.

What You Need To Know About The Graphic Design Industry [Infographic]

If you're thinking of immersing yourself in the graphic design industry, this infographic could give you a preview of what you can expect on your journey.

5 Things Designers Should Know When Dealing With Clients [Infographic]

If you're looking to become a designer, it's good to know what you're in for with clients. This infographic will help you when dealing with clients.

Sandwich Bag Lunchbox Doodles From A Father With Love

This father has been doodling on his kids' school sandwich bags every day since 2008. It's his way to brighten their day with love while they're at school.

10 Hyper-Real Fantastical Animal Sculptures That Represent Life

These hyper-real animal sculptures represent the fluid nature of life itself. Each one is very unique & has tons of personality. Each one starts with clay.

8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When [Infographic]

This visual presentation shows you the 8 types of infographics, and which one is the most effective to use depending on the content you are developing.

Wash Clothes In Style: A Modernistic Laundromat That Looks Like A Club

Wash clothes in style at this modernistic laundromat that looks like a nightclub. This eco-friendly laundromat is unlike any laundromat you've ever seen.

Hot Tea Slingshot: The Most Fun You’ll Have With A Used Tea Bag

If you are looking for a way to have fun with your hot tea bags, how about slingshot them to your enemy across the room? This is a brilliant tea cup design.

DSLR Paparazzi Wooden Hanging Lamp Looks Just Like The Camera Lens

This huge, handmade, eco-friendly, wooden DSLR inspired lamp looks just like the camera lens. It would be perfect for the camera lover in your life.

Moveo: The Portable, Foldable Electric Scooter That Rolls Like Luggage

This portable, electric scooter design called Moveo folds up and rolls behind you like a piece of luggage. It's an eco-friendly design that you'll want.

Creative Hollow Chair Design Gives You All Kinds Of Extra Space

This creative chair design will provide all kinds of storage space in your room. Since the space is built into the chair itself, it's a minimalist style.

Film Roll Salt & Pepper Shakers To Spice Up Your Food Pics

These salt & pepper shakers which each look like a film roll will brighten your kitchen, your dinner table and your food pics. They're perfect for photogs.

The Ultimately Inspiring Google Office Design In Tel Aviv [15 Pics]

The jaw-dropping new Google office in Tel Aviv was completed at the end of 2012. As you would expect, it's ultimately inspiring. See 15 pictures here.

Floral Skull: 5-Foot Tall Skull Covered In Soft Leather Flowers

This huge skull sculpture is completely covered in handmade leather flowers. It took 300 days & nights and a million stitches to create this unique artwork.

Disappearing Package Design Creates No Waste…It Just Washes Away

The Disappearing Package is a package design that incorporates the package into the product itself. When you use the product, the package gets used up too.