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Photowall Designer Spotlight On Artist Francesco Valentino [20 Pics]

Today our designer spotlight is on artist Francesco Valentino. These wall murals show his contemporary, unique style flavored with graffiti and romance.

Social Sites And Browsers Recreated As Mystifying Manga Characters

It's always fun to see popular social sites and browsers personified, and this collection is an extra good one. Each site or browser is a manga character.

The Art Of The Brick: Nathan Sawaya Dazzles Us With LEGO Art Magic

This creative and very inspiring LEGO art is from the Art of the Brick exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Times Square in New York City. Incredible!

13 Whoa-tastic Cardboard Portraits Of Historic Personalities

Most artwork is impressive to look at, but Giles Oldershaw is in a league of his own. He created these unique cardboard portraits of historic personalities.

Architecture Student Turns An Old Bus Into A Really Nice Mobile Home

An architecture student bought an old bus on Craigslist for $3,000. He then redesigned and remodeled it into a very nice mobile home. What a transformation.

Cardboard Furniture Is Your Refoldable Lifestyle Gone Recyclable

Zach Rotholz had a crazy idea - an idea that most of us would drag and drop into the trash can. By creating cardboard furniture he's become a recycling hero

This Is How Astronauts Could Drink Their Coffee In Space

If you've ever wondered how astronauts could enjoy a cup of coffee in space in the future, this new coffee cup is going to put your curiosity at ease.

10 Rules For Making An Infographic Effective & Viral [Infographic]

Do you want to create a stunning infographic that will go viral? These 10 rules will definitely help you plan and design your best infographic ever.

Anti-Theft Defender Backpack: Fight Theft & Secure Your Stuff

Moving the zippers on this backpack design (and the extra-noisy Velcro) will allow you to fight theft while keeping all your valuable stuff safe and secure.

The Design Evolution Of Your Favorite Soda Cans From 1948 Until Today

If you are a fan of soda, you will like these images that show the evolution of soda cans. See Coke, Pepsi, Crush, Dr. Pepper, Squirt and 7 Up.

Pen Stroke Faces: Famous Movie Stars Epically Drawn

Vince Low from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia has managed to create a series of mind blowing pen stroke faces of famous movie stars that you just have to see.

Office Plant Made Of Green Pens For Workaholics Without A Green Thumb

This office plant is the perfect desk plant for anyone who is missing a green thumb. I won't spoil the secret, but this is an ingenious little design idea!

Summer BBQ Papercraft: A Grill & All The Fixins Made From Paper

This festive summer BBQ grill with all the fixins including plump drumsticks, shrimp, skewers, ketchup, mustard and more is created completely from paper.

8-Bit Space Invaders Inspired Micro House Design

This 8-bit Space Invaders inspired micro house design is comprised of several modules that can be added or taken off. The house is lightweight and portable.

French Door Refrigerator Design Can Serve Hot Tea Anytime

This Cafe French Door Refrigerator, which will soon hit stores, has a hot water dispenser that gives out the exact amount of hot water for a cup of tea.