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High Speed Envelopes Let You Leave A Trail Of Smoke When You Open Them

These high speed envelopes will make you want to send snail mail. When you open them, they'll leave a trail of smoke behind the plane, train or automobile.

The Artist Who Sent Handwritten Calligraphy Text Messages For One Week

This artist went for a whole week and only sent handwritten, calligraphy text messages (sent as images). Could you live without emoticons and auto-correct?

This Unique Notebook Will Let Your Analog And Digital Creativity Flow

This notebook lets you experience your analog and digital creativity simultaneously. It has a hidden section inside which is carved out for your smartphone.

15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day [Infographic]

If you need a jolt to trigger your creativity and inspiration today, these 15 design quotes will do it. They are words of wisdom from legends in history.

You Can Transform Old Washing Machine Into Futuristic Looking Chair

If you have an old washing machine at home that needs a new life, you could consider turning it into a futuristic looking chair. This is a DIY project.

Fantastic Cardboard Foosball Table Made From All Recyclable Materials

This cardboard foosball table is made from 100% recyclable materials. It comes complete with a smartphone holder and a beer holder built right into it.

Couture Dresses Made From Subway Sandwich Wrappers And Napkins

These high fashion couture dresses were all made from Subway sandwich napkins and wrappers. This unusual fashion show was part of New York Fashion Week.

Almost Life-Size Lamborghini Replica Made From Cardboard And Paper

This almost life-size Lamborghini replica is the latest in a string of cardboard designs. The only materials used were cardboard, paper and glue. Whoa!

Fried Eggs Font: Handmade Font Inspired By Your Breakfast This Morning

This fried eggs font was created in 3 hours with 10 pans, 1 bottle of oil and 1,000 eggs. It's a creative font inspired by your breakfast this morning.

London’s Largest Living Wall Is Also A Sustainable Drainage System

This vertical garden is being called London's largest living wall. It was just unveiled last week. It was made with over 10,000 wildlife attracting plants.

Magnetic Wallpaper Turns Ordinary Walls Into A Spontaneous Adventure

This magnetic wallpaper can create a magical way for your child to let his or her imagination run wild. What a creative twist to boring, ordinary wallpaper.

Rainbow Pencils Will Let You Make A Rainbow Whenever You Sharpen Them

These rainbow pencils let you make a rainbow every time you sharpen them. They are made from 6 layers of colored recycled paper (not wood). How creative!

The Ultimate & Complete Color Guide [Infographic]

Color has a huge impact on our mood, emotions, choices and decisions. This color guide explains the different interpretations of color around the world.

Incredible Motorized Flipbook Machines Made With Wild Bird Drawings

You've never seen flipbooks like these before. Each one is a motorized animation. The pages consist of elaborate bird drawings that simulate flying away.

The Mercedes Engine That Was Completely Rebuilt From Odd Materials

This V12 Mercedes engine was taken apart and then rebuilt with odd materials found in Morocco. You've never seen a car engine that looks like this before.