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Click Case Turns The iPhone 5 Into A Legit Camera
Click Case Turns The iPhone 5 Into A Legit Camera

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Structure Sensor: The First 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices is Here
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New Pictures Apple Headquarters Design

25 New Pictures Surface Of The Future Apple Headquarters

One of the last public appearances that Steve Jobs made was in front of the Cupertino City Council, when he told them about the plans Apple had on building their spaceship-like new headquarters. It is a humble Steve Jobs this time around. Not the furious marketer that we are used to seeing ...

Key Principles Web Design Header

Key Principles Of Effective Web Design [Infographic]

The whole purpose of having a website online is for people to check it out. There are unlimited ways that you can design a website and neither of them are either wrong or right. The design simply depends on the purpose of the website itself. However, it would be ultimately stupid if ...

Web Design History Timeline Header

Web Design History & How The Internet Grew [Infographic]

I think most of you will agree with me when I say that it feels like the Internet has been around for forever, right? The weird part is that it has evolved so much in just the last 10 years. Most of us have forgotten what it was like back in the ...


How To Retouch Shiny Skin In Photoshop (And Keep It Looking Natural)

On most of the photo retouch apps I’ve seen, there is an option to correct shiny skin. Whether it’s funky lighting, or it’s just that you have oily skin, shiny skin in photos can make those photos less appealing. The best way I can describe it is to say that it takes ...

Need A New Logo Header

How To Know If You Need A New Logo [Flowchart]

It can sometimes be hard to understand why your business isn’t picking up even though you have a great product or service to offer. You might be thinking you need to put more money down the marketing drain, or perhaps spend more time on social media. What most business owners fail to ...


10 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings That Look Like Pop Culture Works Of Art

Every year since Halloween of 2009, I’ve chosen some creative pumpkin designs to share here on Bit Rebels. Pumpkin carvings have always been an inspiration to me, and each year, I try to carve at least one masterpiece. Of course, my ‘masterpieces’ never seem to turn out quite like the ones I ...


High Speed Envelopes Let You Leave A Trail Of Smoke When You Open Them

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most memorable. I don’t get a lot of snail mail anymore, but every once in a while, I still get one of those envelopes where you have to rip the tab to open it. I’m sure you know which envelopes I’m talking about. Every time I ...


The Artist Who Sent Handwritten Calligraphy Text Messages For One Week

I just wrote an article earlier today about smiley face emoticons and whether or not we’re all really smiling when we send those. Maybe those smiley faces have morphed into meaning something else, or maybe we just send them out of habit. Typed digital communication is very different than traditional handwritten communication, ...


This Unique Notebook Will Let Your Analog And Digital Creativity Flow

Now you can get your analog and digital mojo on at the same time. There is still something about an old fashioned analog notebook that is inspiring. It’s so simple, with its pages and lead pencil. However, wouldn’t it be neat to update it a little with an homage to our smartphones? ...


15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day [Infographic]

If you work in a creative field, you probably struggle to find your inspiration from time to time. It happens to all of us, and although the creativity and inspiration overflows on some days, on other days it is nowhere to be found. Sometimes we can find our inspiration again by just ...


You Can Transform Old Washing Machine Into Futuristic Looking Chair

I don’t know how long washing machines last, but I’ve only had one during my adult life. That’s not to say that someday it won’t need to be replaced though, and when that day comes, it will be time to figure out what to do with the old washing machine. Occasionally we ...


Fantastic Cardboard Foosball Table Made From All Recyclable Materials

There’s something about playing on a sustainable gaming table that just feels good. It’s time for me to share another creative cardboard design with you, and this one is specifically designed around having fun. Cardboard is so versatile, and since it’s also trendy right now, I’m sure we’ll be writing about many ...