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Virtual Pets Are Back: The Smartphone Version Of The ’90s Classic

Virtual pets are back! The original creator of those annoying things just launched an app called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e which puts a pet on your smartphone.

Online Breakup App KillSwitch Makes Breaking Up Suck Less

Breaking up in today's hectic social networking world can sometimes be devastating. KillSwitch, the online breakup app, aims to solve all that with ease.

No Hassle Fitness App Tracks Your Movement Through Your Smartphone

This free fitness app will track your movement each day. All you have to do is take your smartphone with you everywhere. It's like an iPhone pedometer.

Say I Love You With An App That Captures The Sound Of Your Heartbeat

This free app will capture your heartbeat & allow you to share it via SMS, Twitter or Facebook. It was created to make digital love a little more personal.

Dating App For Ladies To Review & Rate How Date-Worthy A Guy Is

This dating app for ladies called Lulu is a place where you can anonymously leave reviews & recommendations about a guy's date-worthiness for others.

Dead Yourself: Make Anyone A Walker With The Walking Dead iPhone App

This Walking Dead iPhone app will have you turning everyone you know into walkers. It's a free app to get you ready for the show which starts again soon!

Now: App That Sorts Instagram Photos To Find The Hotspots In Your Town

This free app called Now will sort geotagged Instagram photos to present you with a list of places you might want to visit based on where you are located.

35 Most Popular Restaurant Apps Right Now [Infographic]

This is a list of the 35 most popular restaurant apps along with the consumer rating for each one. We all love our restaurant apps & this is a great list.

CouchCachet Tweets Your Fake Exciting Life If You Don’t Have One

If you wish you had an exciting life to tweet about, now you do. Just let the CouchCachet app create your fake exciting life and tweet about it for you.

Snapheal App Review: This Could Be Your Alternative To Photoshop

This is a review of Snapheal. Snapheal was named by Apple as one of the best Mac App Store apps of 2012, and it could be your alternative to Photoshop.

Condom Size: The App That Helps You Find The Perfect Fitting Condom

The Condom Size iPhone app will use a digital measuring tape to help you determine the correct condom size for you. It will also make other suggestions.

Picture Safe iPhone App Adds Protection To Your Sensitive Pictures

Preserving your privacy in a world full of prying eyes is not the easiest of things. The Picture Safe iPhone app can help secure your pictures with codes.

ReelSonar Fishing App: Now There’s No Excuse Not To Catch The Big One

This ultrasound buoy and fishing app system will tempt you to take your smartphone out on the water. It's a fish finder. You'll catch the big one for sure!

Mouse App Turns Your iPhone Into A Genius Smart Mouse Solution

If you're looking for the best iPhone mouse app, you should definitely have a look at Mobile Mouse. Its features are way more advanced than any other app.

Calculator iPhone App Lets You Use Your Handwriting Instead Of Typing

The era of unoptimized calculator operation is over. The new MyScript calculator iPhone app will enable you to insert equations using your handwriting.