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Condom Size: The App That Helps You Find The Perfect Fitting Condom

The Condom Size iPhone app will use a digital measuring tape to help you determine the correct condom size for you. It will also make other suggestions.

Picture Safe iPhone App Adds Protection To Your Sensitive Pictures

Preserving your privacy in a world full of prying eyes is not the easiest of things. The Picture Safe iPhone app can help secure your pictures with codes.

ReelSonar Fishing App: Now There’s No Excuse Not To Catch The Big One

This ultrasound buoy and fishing app system will tempt you to take your smartphone out on the water. It's a fish finder. You'll catch the big one for sure!

Mouse App Turns Your iPhone Into A Genius Smart Mouse Solution

If you're looking for the best iPhone mouse app, you should definitely have a look at Mobile Mouse. Its features are way more advanced than any other app.

Calculator iPhone App Lets You Use Your Handwriting Instead Of Typing

The era of unoptimized calculator operation is over. The new MyScript calculator iPhone app will enable you to insert equations using your handwriting.

Over: The Photo Editing App That Adds Typography To Your Photos

This simple photo editing app will add your own unique typography to your photos. It's easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes to implement. See examples.

SpiroSmart: The Simple App Some Doctors Use To Monitor Lung Health

In the past patients with lung health problems had to go to the doctor's office to breathe into a machine for tests. Now lungs can be monitored with an app.

Secret SMS iPhone App Hides Your Juiciest Texts From Prying Eyes

If you're sending a whole lot of secret SMS messages to your girlfriend, friends or colleagues, the Black SMS:Protected Messages app will come in handy.

Proximity App Auto Locks Your MacBook When You Step Away From It

Now you don't have to worry about stepping away from your MacBook without securing your stuff. The Keycard proximity app will auto lock & unlock it for you.

Bump: Instantly Exchange Virtual Business Cards With A Fist Bump

If you are sick & tired of having to carry around your paper business cards wherever you go then have a look at Bump - a virtual business card application.

8 Apps To Help You Survive The End Of The World [Infographic]

Since the world is going to end tomorrow, it might be helpful to have a pocketful of 8 mobile apps that could help you survive the end of it all. Good luck!

Security App Sends Picture Of The Thief Who Took Your iPhone

Have you ever had your iPhone stolen? This jailbreak security app could have prevented you from losing it forever by sending a picture of the perpetrator.

Record Your Life With The 1 Second Everyday App

With the 1 Second Everyday app, you will be able to record your life through 1 second everyday clips. It's lifelogging taken to the absolute extreme.

5 Apps For Kids That Will Buy You 5 Minutes Of Precious Time

If you are a parent who needs 5 minutes of time to yourself, try downloading these 5 apps for kids that will entertain them long enough for you to breathe.

How To Get Maximum Exposure For Your New App [Infographic]

If you are an app developer, you know how tough it can be to get exposure for your latest app. This infographic gives tips for how to get maximum exposure.