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SkinVision App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Skin Cancer Scanner

The SkinVision app basically turns your smartphone into a skin cancer scanner. You take pictures of any concerning skin lesions and they are analyzed.

Warmly App Wakes You Up To Sounds Of Sizzling Bacon & Coffee Brewing

The Warmly app will gently wake you up in the morning by playing sounds that inspire you like coffee brewing, sizzling bacon, an airplane taking off, etc.

Popcorn App Makes Sure You Never Burn Your Microwave Popcorn Again

Never burn your microwave popcorn again. This app listens to the 'popping acoustics' from within your microwave to determine when it is optimally popped.

Less Meeting App Will Change How You Conduct Business Meetings Forever

The Less Meeting app will help you conduct your business meetings with ease. It will eliminate the typical disorganization and make sure it ends on time.

Snail Mail App Lets You Send Handwritten Notes Straight From Your iPad

This snail mail app called Felt allows you to send handwritten notes right from your iPad. It prints with your own handwriting and is mailed automatically.

100 All-Time Top Apps List For iPhone & iPad

If you're wondering what the paid and free all-time top apps are then this list is for you. They are displayed and compiled with links for each app listed.

Translator App Decodes Crying Babies & Tells You What Is Wrong

The Cry Translator app is a translator app that will listen to your baby's cry for ten seconds and then let you know the most likely thing that is wrong.

You’re So Vain: This App Gives You An Instant Nose Job & Perfect Skin

This photo app will not only give you perfect skin, it will also give you a nose job, erase your wrinkles and freckles and make you look perfectly plastic.

Useful Smartphone Apps For Small Business Owners [Infographic]

More and more small business owners run aspects of their businesses from a smartphone. This massive list of apps can help you become more efficient.

Secretbook App Lets You Hide Secret Messages In Facebook Photos

The Secretbook Chrome extension is the first app ever that implements JPEG steganography on social media. Send hidden messages in your Facebook photos.

CamFind: The Ultimate Mobile Visual Product Search App

The CamFind app is the ultimate mobile visual product search app (free). There is no typing required. Just take a pic and learn everything you want to know.

BioAid App: Transforms Your iOS Device Into A Free Working Hearing Aid

With the new BioAid app you'll be able to transform your iOS device into a working hearing aid. Read a firsthand account of the quality & how it works here.

Beauty Box Photo App: Retouch Your Pics Like A Photoshop Professional

Now you can harness the power of professional photographers & photo editors by using the free Beauty Box Photo app on your smartphone. Photo retouching app.

Whisper App: For Those Who Like Telling Secrets & Venting To Strangers

Whisper is perfect for those who tend to over-share on Twitter. Whisper is all about telling secrets and venting in an anonymous, public forum to everyone.

There Is No Being Late With The “Sleep If U Can” Wake-Up App

If you have trouble getting up in the mornings thanks to the snooze button, the "Sleep If U Can" wake-up app will jolt your lazy butt out of bed on time.