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The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!
The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!

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xRec iPhone App Records Your Screen Without Jailbreak

For a while now, there has been a “let’s play” revolution going on over at YouTube. If you don’t know what that is all about, I would be more than happy to tell you. It’s quite simple really. There are basically a lot of people who play games while commentating at the ...


Fooducate App Educates You About What Is Really In The Food You Buy

Are you trying to change your diet and exercise habits in hopes of shedding a few pounds this summer? Perhaps you are looking for healthy substitutes for some of your not-so-healthy favorite foods like candy bars, crackers, and frozen desserts. Sometimes it seems like finding substitutes for these foods is easy. Substitute ...


SkinVision App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Skin Cancer Scanner

There are so many apps to help us monitor our health these days. Some of them are even used by doctors to improve the quality of our heathcare. It’s no surprise that the lifespan of human beings is increasing almost as fast as technology itself. I would like to share with you ...


Warmly App Wakes You Up To Sounds Of Sizzling Bacon & Coffee Brewing

Why is it that we are nice to ourselves when it comes to falling asleep, but horrible to ourselves when it comes to waking up in the morning? What I mean is that we listen to relaxing music and sounds to help us drift off into sleep, and then we’ll turn around ...


Popcorn App Makes Sure You Never Burn Your Microwave Popcorn Again

If you don’t cook microwave popcorn, you won’t think this app is a big deal. You might even wonder why it’s necessary. But if you are a big fan of popcorn like me, you’ll probably get excited about this. Almost every time I make microwave popcorn, I burn the first bag and ...


Less Meeting App Will Change How You Conduct Business Meetings Forever

Most people I know don’t like business meetings. Meetings seem to waste a lot of time and can kill productivity in everyone’s workday. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called 5 Types Of Business Meeting Villains Who Waste Your Time. What if there was a free app specifically designed to ...


Snail Mail App Lets You Send Handwritten Notes Straight From Your iPad

When was the last time you received a piece of handwritten snail mail from a friend? In the technology world we live in, it seems like a lot of effort to shop for a card, write the note, find the address, buy a stamp and mail it when we can just take ...


100 All-Time Top Apps List For iPhone & iPad

Apple recently announced that they are closing in on 50 billion app downloads. To celebrate, they are giving away an iTunes gift card loaded with $10,000. That is a considerable number of apps that have been downloaded since iTunes opened their doors. This raises a question that I think most people at ...


Translator App Decodes Crying Babies & Tells You What Is Wrong

Some people say there is an app for everything, and apparently there is, or at least sometimes it seems like it. When I think of a translator app, I think of an app that can translate speech or text from one language to another. Apparently they do more than that though, even ...


You’re So Vain: This App Gives You An Instant Nose Job & Perfect Skin

It seems like lately there is increased popularity in apps that make us look fresher and ‘better’ in our photos. We all want to look our best in pictures, so it makes sense that we might want to get a little digital help in that area. Some apps take it further than ...


Useful Smartphone Apps For Small Business Owners [Infographic]

More and more small business owners are running their businesses from smartphones. This trend is most likely going to increase since 74% of teenagers own a smartphone, and they treat it like a major communication hub. With all the exceptional mobile apps on the market today, it’s no surprise that what used ...


Secretbook App Lets You Hide Secret Messages In Facebook Photos

If you’re bored with Facebook, this might be just what you need to spice up your Facebook experience. How would you like to send secret messages to people through the photos you share on Facebook? These are messages that will be hidden in the pixels, and nobody except the person who is ...