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The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design
The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Ackuna Free Translation Service Header

Ackuna: Translate Your Mobile Apps For Free

With the spread of mobile devices, apps are becoming more popular and easier to develop. These days, it doesn’t take a team of professional coders to develop apps; individuals and small groups of like-minded people are more than capable of producing high quality apps. Unfortunately, sometimes building the app is easier than ...

Park Circa Find Parking App

Park Circa App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spot For Cash

Let’s say that you are living in a big city, you have a car but always find it difficult to find a parking spot. What can you do? Most people drive around for what seems like forever before they find a parking spot close enough to home. Smart people use the Park Circa app ...

Hudway Windshield Projection System App

Hudway: Free Ultra-Cool Windshield Navigation Projection iOS App

We have all seen it, and no doubt it should be a safety feature that should come standard in all new cars. I am talking about the windshield projection feature that many developers are refining and optimizing right now. Usually you will pay a hefty price when incorporating the feature in your car as it includes a projector as ...

FeaturePoints App Reward System Header

FeaturePoints: Earn Money And Rewards For Trying Free Apps

There are a lot of great apps out there for all smartphones on the market. However, few have the ability to make you money instead of you having to pay the developers. A new trend is emerging, and it’s an interesting one that could change the infrastructure of how apps work. I ...

15 Paying iPhone Apps Header

15 iPhone Apps That Pay You For Using Them [Infographic]

Every year people spend billions on iPhone apps that entertain them, guide them and even help them get more organized. Usually apps cost money, and we all seem quite happy to pay for what we think is going to keep us occupied for a few hours. Apps in general are the ultimate ...

Touch Room Virtual Presence App

Touch Room iPhone App Enables Touching From Afar

One of the things that smartphones have been lacking since they were first introduced is the ability to share presence. This might sound weird considering the smartphone is a device. When we look at the number of apps that use presence as their key feature, the list is short. That is something ...


Measure The Quality Of Your Sleep With The Sleep Cycle App

Smartphones seem to be able to do just about anything these days, but when a friend of mine suggested the Sleep Cycle app for my iPhone, I had to do a double take. Could my phone really measure the quality of my sleep cycles? It turns out it can, roughly speaking. An ...


How High Can You Throw Your iPhone? [Banned App]

Throughout the years, there have been quite a few apps that have been banned from the App Store. Usually it has to do with features not working or the app rerouting private user information. That’s a big no no and usually leads to applications being banned. Recently, there have been other reasons ...


16 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone [Infographic]

We are all used to buying our apps for around $0.99 each, right? There are some apps that would give even the most seasoned app buyer a slight shock. I am sure most of you have at some point bought and downloaded an app that was slightly more expensive than the usual ...


Forget Calling Ghostbusters: Ghost App Translates Words From Spirits

If you believe in ghosts, you will probably think this ghost app is intriguing. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you might still get a kick out of it. This isn’t the first ghost app that claims to translate messages from the other side, but it’s the first one I’ve seen that’s ...


Brands Start To Offer Instagram Rewards For Your Best Pictures

If you have ever used Instagram, you know it’s all about the pictures. What you share is what is going to put you on the map so to speak. Even though Instagram has become insanely popular in the last few years, it has pretty much stayed a few feet from the marketing ...


BreakUp Text: iPhone App To Help You Break Up Via Text

Apps are made to make our lives easier, and in most cases, they do. But there are also apps that take things to a whole new level of lazy. Apps are a great way to tune up, refine and optimize our everyday realities, but they can also make things a whole lot ...