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Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak On Why They Named Their Company Apple

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak On Why They Named Their Company Apple

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are a lot of rumors and legends about Apple. Some are of course exaggerations and myths, and some are pure fabrication in order to make Apple sound even more mysterious and secretive. To some extent, Apple has been the driving force behind this since they have gone to great lengths to preserve the shock value of their product unveilings. There has been a lot of talk about where exactly the Apple name came from when they decided to name the company.

There are several different stories out there, and a few of them have been dismissed after Steve Wozniak recently re-explained where the name Apple originated from. When you think about the name, you immediate think of gadgets and devices. But before Apple became a worldwide success, I can’t imagine people connecting the name or logo with a technology company, at least not in the same way that people refer to it today.

A couple weeks ago, I was walking down a street filled with stores and restaurants when I came across an Apple store. I was on the opposite side of the street looking directly at it, but a curious thought hit me. As I looked around at the other businesses around it, and their looming company names, I suddenly realized that none of them showed anything other than the name of the business itself. Apple is one of the few companies that title their stores with just their logo – no text whatsoever.

In order to reach that level of success, you have to introduce a lingering awareness in people about what the logo is all about. When you see the apple, you immediately know it’s an Apple product. So how did the name for Apple come about, and what is the real story behind it? What was it about the name Apple that stuck with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?

Who better could explain it to us than the two founders themselves, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? In these 1980s presentations, both founders take on the subject and explain (maybe for the first time back then) where exactly the name originated, and why they decided to keep it. Sometimes a name is just so simple and good that you have to keep it. Apple is a true testament to that.

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak On The Apple Name

The Logo Of Apple

The Logo Of Apple

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January 31st, 2015

Im doing a project of apple with my friends but we need to know why was apple named apple but we can not find it so if you guy know why was apple named can you guys tell us please…….



January 19th, 2016

I personally fond of this story and this symbol`s design. It is good to learn things about Apple and Macs that are just not technical issues. Keep an open mind people. It is good to learn ALL aspects about a company or any subject matter as a matter of fact.



April 6th, 2016

Could it be from the sin of eve? Who bit the apple???


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