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Dreamac – Realizing The Dreams Of Artisans With E-Commerce

Dreamac – Realizing The Dreams Of Artisans With E-Commerce

1 Day Ago By Richard Darell

A start-up created by 4 students from the University Of Pennsylvania, Dreamac is a venture that aims to redefine global trade and connect different cultures by showcasing local art and fashion on an international platform. This vision of the founders, Kevin Thomas, Batchema Sombie, Michael Beer, and Liz Reckart, has already put Burkina Faso, a West-African country, on the world map of e-commerce.

A majority of the population of Burkina Faso relies on subsistence farming for their livelihood. The recent climatic changes have therefore posed a threat to their sustenance. Dreamac is supporting the local population through these challenging times by allowing them to transform their passion for arts and crafts into a viable profession.

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A love for fashion and art is deeply embedded in the local culture of this fascinating country. This is evident in the vibrant street markets where the local artisans trade their crafts that include paintings, wallets, shoes, and purses. Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources, most of these artisans are not able to monetize their artistic skills and many have to trade their paintbrush for a plow so as to support their families. This is where Dreamac inc. Comes into the picture. This start-up has empowered the local artisans of Burkina Faso by offering them a platform to reach a global audience. Dreamac inc provides the artisans with all their marketing, shipping, pricing, and logistical requirements so that their creations can be purchased by buyers from across the world.

Dreamac inc. provides internet access to the remote, developing regions with the help of local liaisons, so that the artisans may harness the potential of e-commerce to sell their goods. The articles on sale and the price of production are determined by the artisans themselves and they receive a majority of the proceeds from the sales. This will give them the freedom to decide the rate of growth and also how to further develop their businesses at their own speed.

With the help of this model, Dreamac aims to decrease the number of people dependent on subsistence agriculture. In order to achieve this goal, Dreamac has created a Kickstarter campaign, so as to gather funds to further accelerate their efforts. You can back this project now to support the dreams of local artisans and to provide them the global attention that they deserve.

As an initiative to highlight the incredible talent of the local craftsmen, Dreamac inc. creates a dedicated profile page for each artisan. This is a revolution in the field of e-commerce, which has been dominated by sellers from the developed countries till date. It is commendable how the team at Dreamac has identified a way to provide a similar exposure to the lesser known artists from the developing regions. Their business model is indeed a revolution in the sphere of global trade that not only supports the artisans from developing countries but also helps in generating cultural awareness.

In the near future, Dreamac inc. endeavors to expand its efforts to other developing regions, such as Latin America and your contribution to their Kickstarter campaign can help them accomplish this goal much faster. When you support this project, you are directly supporting the small scale artists and craftsmen who are currently suffering due to the lack of knowledge and availability of the internet. Contribute now to enable these artisans to earn a substantial living with the help of their artistic prowess.

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Dreamac – A Start-Up Realizing The Dreams Of Artisans With E-Commerce

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Kevin Jones

July 17th, 2017

what an incredible company and idea. thanks for sharing


July 17th, 2017

this is incredible

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