Ideas About Custom Stamps Or Chops For A Company

A stamp is a tool that is provided on a surface with settled figures, numbers or letters. By means of an ink pad is applied to impress the drawing, which is located on the surface. Stamps can be a very useful tool that offers a lot of savings in terms of time and money. There is a suitable stamp for almost every purpose, if necessary it can be produced individually.

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The Use Of A Stamp

There are basically two purposes that a stamp fulfills: On the one hand chops should simplify the paperwork so that in a single step something can be brought to paper, which would take a lot longer by hand. It could be the address of a person. The stamp has another advantage: The style always remains the same as name card printing. The second essential function of a stamp is that difficult to forge at a certification.

In the context of payments, stamps are often used as a way to receive cheap and conveniently collected taxes, fees and charges. These are the so-called fee stamps, which were probably first used around 1624 in Holland. These stamps are always applicable when a debtor receives a document about his payments or receives.

Similar Purposes Of Stamps

A similar purpose is when items are marked by stamping, which then provides evidence of a fee or tax payment. Another field of application is the so-called forceps impression on a ticket. Another form of the stamp is to identify visitors who have already paid for admission in discotheques. Anyone who carries such a stamp may normally enter the event repeatedly, without having to pay the entrance fee again.

How Are Stamps Made?

Normally, stamping plates are made of either rubber or liquid photopolymer. There are different production techniques.

The Laser Technology As The Latest Technology

The most recent stamping technology is laser engraving, also known as laser technology. Here, the rubber blank is processed so that the text is cut free with the help of a laser beam so that the places that do not print later disappear.

In this way, the letters remain, the area that does not print, is evaporated or burned away. Later, the stamp plate gets a backing from foam rubber and then it is glued to the final medium, for example, a self-adhesive stamp or a wooden stamp.

The Production With Photopolymer

Here, a viscous polymer is spread on a carrier film. A negative film is then laid over a transparent protective film; in the negative film, the areas are transparent which should print later. This is followed by UV exposure and the exposed areas dry out in the polymer. The unexposed areas remain liquid. These can then be washed out. Then it is post-exposed again and processed mechanically.

The Different Stamp Variants

There are so many stamp variants that you cannot list them all in one text. Below is a brief overview of the different types of stamps on the market:

 The Roll Stamps

This stamp is a stamp in which the stamp plate is mounted on a roll. If the stamp is unrolled, the imprint is repeated continuously. The stamp contains a roller impregnated with ink, which allows a color transfer. The stamp plate is colored independently. Roll stamps are most likely to be used to make company chop or logos. It is thus possible to quickly obtain clear and sharp markings on a wide variety of absorbent materials, for example, mineral, wood or cardboard.

The Ribbon Stamps

The so-called band stamp consists of a plastic or metal housing and vulcanized rubber bands. These are plastic rollers that transport the taut ribbons over a bridge. Such band punches are used primarily as a signing, word band, date or number stamp.

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