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Business Card Design: The Simple And Effective Approach [Infographic]

Business Card Design: The Simple And Effective Approach [Infographic]

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

There are all kinds of creative ways to handle your business card design. These days, many times ‘business cards’ aren’t even cards at all. There are all kinds of business card apps and gimmicks that claim to provide a better way to get to know someone rather than handing that person a small, paper card. I’ve tried some of the fancy ways before, but I always seem to come full circle back to the traditional business card. There is a reason why it’s been popular for decades.

For me, it comes down to convenience. Sure, it would be fun to create a business card made out of chocolate or one that makes a noise or does something creative – but not in place of a traditional card. To me, those things should be used in addition to a card. The reason is simple – if you give the person an unusual type of card, they won’t be able to file it in a place where they’ll keep it handy.

Instead, they will remember you (which may people say is the point), but they won’t have a way to conveniently locate your contact information when they need it. To me, that is where the traditional business card is still a crucial component of business rapport. I can’t imagine going to a networking event without my sassy, pink business card holder stuffed with cards.

If you agree with me, you’ll like this infographic called Business Card Design Basics (by Uprinting). It is a very straightforward guide to business card design that will result in simple yet effective business cards for you to carry with you everywhere. If you don’t believe me that a traditional business card can still pack a powerful punch, click over to 11 Famous Business Cards That Became Legendary for proof. Told ya…

Business Card Design Basics You Need To Know

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September 24th, 2013

@Diana, Awesome Information thorough graphic and You cover all the most important thing. I think it is most easiest way to understand all the things.

Thanks & Keep Posting.


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October 10th, 2013

I really understand the whole process of business card design from this graphic. You’ve explained very easy and simple way the process of business card designing.


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