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Windows 8.1: An Excellent Update, But Not A Seamless Installation

Although Windows 8.1 is a great improvement from Windows 8, the installation process itself might cause you some unexpected hurdles and headaches.

Windows 8.1: What Windows 8 Should Have Been All Along

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 and they've addressed many of the issues users had with the original release. This is what Windows 8 should have been like.

Gravity: A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Film Showcasing The Dangers Of Space

Many new technologies were invented specifically for the sci-fi film Gravity in order to achieve its incredible visuals. It's a piece of technical mastery.

Take Ergonomic Action And Stay Healthy While Using A Computer

If we aren't mindful of our of health while using computers, they become counter-productive. Take ergonomic action during the day to help you stay healthy.

Does Microsoft Need To Let Go Of Bill Gates To Survive?

Bill Gates continues to heavily influence the direction of Microsoft. As the company continues to look for a new CEO, some wonder if he should be let go.

‘Control Alt Delete’ And Other Tech Fails That Are Widely Accepted Now

There have been many tech fails over the years that are now widely accepted. 'Control Alt Delete' is one example. It's interesting to learn the history.

Biometric Security: Is Authenticating Identity With Fingerprints Safe?

Whether fingerprints, retinal scans or other biometric security, there’s something disturbing about someone hacking into our biometric data. Is it safe?

New Techniques Being Implemented To Battle Movie Piracy

As movie piracy continues to be a problem, producers are implementing new techniques to stop revenue loss. Watch for a camera next time you're at the movies

Measure The Quality Of Your Sleep With The Sleep Cycle App

The Sleep Cycle app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to detect your movements while you sleep. It provides you with a guide to your sleep patterns.

Future Of Retirement: The Elder-Care Robot That Will Look After You

By 2050, a whopping 1.5 billion people will be age 65 or older. The future of retirement could be in these elder-care robots that will care for seniors.

Constant Connection To The Virtual World Can Cause More Harm Than Good

In our world of smartphone and social media addiction, everyone has a constant connection to the virtual world. This could be causing more harm than good.

How To Get All Your Exercise In Only 3 Minutes A Week

According to recent studies, exercising only 3 minutes a week, if done correctly, can deliver the same health benefits as spending hours a week in the gym.

Future Of Cinema Is On Demand While Movie Going Becomes Less Practical

The future of cinema is on demand. The appeal of mobile and streaming technology makes the idea of 'going to the movies' seem obsolete and old fashioned.

Why iOS7 Is A Solid Update But Not An Evolutionary One

iOS7 is a solid update but not an evolutionary one. If Apple kept things more low key, iOS7 may have been more generously received rather than picked apart.

Technology Fans Are Like Sports Fans Jeering At The Opposition

Technology fans are like sports fans, often ready to jeer at the opposition. It's like watching a heated political debate. It's the world of tech innovation