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High Five Fiesta: Add Some Confetti Pizzazz To All Your High Fives

This tiny gadget was designed to bring even more happiness to your high fives. It's called Fiesta Five and it gives a burst of confetti with each high five.

Cat Vision: How Your Cat Sees Those Instagram Pics And YouTube Videos

These photographs will help you understand cat vision like never before. They show the differences between what humans see and what cats see. Fascinating!

Smartphone Camera Remote Control Makes Taking Perfect Selfies Easier

With this super simple smartphone camera remote control, you can stand up to 11 feet away and still snap the perfect selfie photo by clicking the remote.

Buzzy: Innovative Device That Takes Away The Pain Of Getting Shots

Getting shots will never be painful again. This device can block the pain of a shot before it reaches the brain through cold temperatures and vibrations.

Live, Drive And Survive: 4 Vehicles Pimped Out For A Zombie Apocalypse

If you could transform your car into a zombie survival machine, what would you put in it? These 4 vehicles have all been pimped out for a zombie apocalypse.

The Way You Tweet Pictures Drastically Affects Your Retweets [Chart]

You know sharing visual content increases your social media success. On Twitter though, the method used to tweet pictures will greatly affect your retweets.

How To Retouch Shiny Skin In Photoshop (And Keep It Looking Natural)

If you've seen shiny skin hot spots in pics, it's caused by either oily skin, or more likely, poor lighting conditions. This tutorial will help you fix it.

Old School Vinyl Records Recycled Into Nostalgic Retro Lamps

These fabulous lamps were created by recycling old, retro vinyl records. They would look great in your living room. Your kids won't get it, but that's okay.

World’s First Wi-Fi Kettle Lets You Boil Water From Your Smartphone

The iKettle is the world's first wi-fi kettle. Boil water in it from any room in your house with your smartphone. It can gently wake you up in the morning.

Doctors Who Play Video Games More Likely To Perform Successful Surgery

Studies show that doctors who 'warm up' for surgery by playing video games have a much higher chance of performing a successful surgery with fewer mistakes.

Surprise: Average Facebook Admin Is Older Than You Think [Infographic]

If you are like many people, you think the average Facebook admin is a young hipster. It turns out, that is not true. Here are the correct demographics.

13 Personality Types Found In Almost Every Busy Office [Infographic]

If you work in a busy office, you are probably familiar with these 13 office personality types. Which one describes the annoying girl who sits next to you?

Internet Map If Countries Were The Size Of Their Internet Populations

This Internet map reconfigures the size of each country depending on the size of its Internet population. It makes you realize the room for Internet growth.

Vaser Lipo: High Tech Advancement In Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

As technology advances, cosmetic surgery procedures become safer, less invasive and less expensive. This new Vaser Lipo procedure is a perfect example.

12 Reasons Why 15% Of American Adults Don’t Use The Internet [Chart]

Believe it or not, 15% of American adults don't use the Internet. It's not just because of the cost. According to a recent survey, there are 12 reasons why.