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Park Circa App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spot For Cash

Park Circa App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spot For Cash

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Let’s say that you are living in a big city, you have a car but always find it difficult to find a parking spot. What can you do? Most people drive around for what seems like forever before they find a parking spot close enough to home. Smart people use the Park Circa app and find a parking spot in minutes. There are plenty of people in cities all around the world with a parking spot they don’t use, and it could be accessible to you.

The Park Circa app has been around for a while, and more and more people are using it. It is a genius app when you really think about it. To let people find and use your parking spot for cash is the ultimate way to make a bit of extra money, not to mention helping someone while doing it. The app works like a peer-to-peer application if you will. People that have parking spots for rent list them through the app and people that are looking are obviously finding them through the app as well.

Who knows, your neighbor could have an empty garage or a parking spot that he or she would love to rent out if the price is right. It would mean that you would no longer have to drive around looking to find a parking spot. We all know how annoying it can be when we’re on our way home from work, tired and just want to get home to kick back and relax.

The Park Circa app is of course free, so all you need to do is download it from the App Store, the Android’s App site or through Windows Marketplace. This app is starting to bring in quite a lot of users, and the chance that you will find a parking spot or someone to rent yours is very likely. Have a go at it, download the app and see if you can earn some extra money or find that perfect parking spot just for you.

Park Circa – Find Or Rent Out Your Parking Spot

Park Circa Parking App

Park Circa Parking App

Park Circa Parking App

Park Circa Parking App

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