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Online Breakup App KillSwitch Makes Breaking Up Suck Less

Online Breakup App KillSwitch Makes Breaking Up Suck Less

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As online content moves ever faster and as social networking becomes an even greater part of our lives, there is of course a whole lot of grief that comes with it as well. Privacy is rare these days, and counting on people to keep your personal information safe is a luxury few have. It seems every social networking service makes it easy to meet people, but they also cause heartache when the relationship is over. The KillSwitch online breakup app aims to sooth the bitterness of all that.

The co-founder of this app, Erica Mannherz of ClearHart (the company behind it), has been approached by the media to explain the app’s necessity in a networking world that gets ever more complex. The goal is not to cause more heartache, but to sooth it. This online breakup app is simple and straightforward. With a click of a button, the app crawls your Facebook profile and deletes any mention, tag, picture or status update that has your ex mentioned in it. It can also be done manually through the app so you can choose what you want to delete. This could potentially make a separation from the person you were once in a relationship with an easier endeavor.

The online breakup app KillSwitch is not just for people engulfed in heartache from a relationship gone bad, but it can also be used in the same way for co-workers, friends, employers and any other people you might feel the need to exclude from your Facebook timeline and photo archive. The app is not just available on Facebook, but will soon also be available on Google Play (at the time I am writing this, I believe it is already out in the Google Play store) and in the App Store as well.

Whether or not this will prove to be a well received app is unclear at the moment. There’s no doubt a lot of people who could really use one of these online breakup apps, but it could also cause a whole lot more heartache. Once the person you are trying to detach yourself from finds out you have purged every mention, tag, picture and status update with his or her name on it, it could lead to even worse repercussions. Maybe someone should come up with an app that mends heartaches instead of trying to dust them under the carpet. Just a thought.

ClearHart’s Online Breakup App KillSwitch

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