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Lego’s Augmented Reality App: For A New Generation Of Geeks

Lego’s Augmented Reality App: For A New Generation Of Geeks

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It was only a matter of time. Of course the day would come when a company as brilliant as Lego would expand onto the iPhone, and that day is here. I’d like to introduce you to George. George is a software engineer who does lots of traveling and has lots of fun adventures. In this Life of George game, you take the Lego blocks given to you, download the app and build different aspects of George’s life (depending on what the app tells you to build) in the time allowed.

Next, you place your build on the “build mat” and the app scans it. Now you can see your build on your iPhone, and it’s given a rating based on a 5-star system. You will also receive some additional feedback on your build.

The objective is to be the fastest, best builder. You can compete with friends and family members to make it a multiplayer game. You’ll see in the video demonstration below that it’s a really interactive app. The app is free, but is currently only available for the iPhone. You can purchase the box of Lego supplies for this game on Lego for $30. You can download the app on iTunes.

Lego Augmented Reality iPhone App

Lego Augmented Reality iPhone App

Lego Augmented Reality App

Lego Augmented Reality App

Via: [Laughing Squid] [Child Playing photo via Shutterstock] [Building Blocks photo via Shutterstock]

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