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How To Anticipate Public Reaction When Writing A Press Release

Some companies push out a press release like it was a simple update on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here are a few things to know about press releases.

The Pros And Cons Of Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

One of the biggest questions to answer when getting married is whether you should write your own wedding vows or not. These are the pros and cons.

10 Tips You Need To Know Before Writing A Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be a humbling experience if you do not know how to do it. Here are 10 tips you need to know before writing a dissertation.

5 Tips To Develop Effective Business Writing Skills

Mastering the art of business writing is not something that you can do overnight, however, with these 5 simple and quick tips you will be well on your way.

10 Grammar And Editing Hacks For Effective Business Writing

Reaching through the noise in today's media-heavy landscape is not easy. Follow these grammar and editing hacks for more effective business writing.

Copywriting Guide: 13 Steps To Master It [Infographic]

This step-by-step copywriting guide will allow you to perfect your approach to your content in a way that will make you look a whole lot more professional.

What Your Handwriting Style Says About Your Personality [Infographic]

Did you know your handwriting can reveal over 5,000 personality traits about you? Look at this infographic and learn what your handwriting says about you.

10 SEO Copywriting Tips That Will Help Your Content Rank [Infographic]

These SEO copywriting tips will help you write content that ranks higher in the search engines. It's not about stuffing a bunch of keywords in your text.

12 Bloggers & Authors Doodle Writing Advice On Their Hands [12 Pics]

If you need some blogging inspiration, this writing advice from bloggers and authors will help. They all wrote a piece of advice on their own hands.

High Tech Translator Pen Could Revolutionize Reading & Writing

As the world gets smaller, we need more good and instant language translators. This high tech translator pen is on the very edge of language translators.

Air-Writing Gesture Controlled Wristband: Write Emails & Texts In Air

Time to brush up on your handwriting skills! This air-writing wristband can put your air-writing notes (emails, tweets, texts, etc) into your mobile device.

The Vibrating Pen That Is A Spell Checker For Handwriting

We all know the squiggly red line we get beneath our misspelled words. This pen is a spell checker for our handwriting. It vibrates when we misspell a word.

Calculator iPhone App Lets You Use Your Handwriting Instead Of Typing

The era of unoptimized calculator operation is over. The new MyScript calculator iPhone app will enable you to insert equations using your handwriting.

The Only 12 ½ Writing Rules You’ll Ever Need [Chart]

Whether you are a blog writer or a book writer, you find your writing inspiration from wherever you can. These writing rules will put a smile on your face.

Addicted To Words: Ultimate Online Copywriting Guide [Infographic]

This comprehensive infographic guide with downloadable PDF is a great refresher for bloggers interested in the art of traditional and online copywriting.