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Neptune Pine: Most Feature Packed Smartwatch Yet

Finally a smartwatch that shatters all competition. This new mind-blowing smartwatch called Neptune Pine is, simply put, innovation defined.

Samsung Announces 800,000 Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Shipped

Samsung recently announced that their innovative Galaxy Gear smartwatch is now the most sold smartwatch on the market with 800,000 shipped watches.

Nokia’s Secret Multi-Display Smartwatch Project Surfaces

Nokia’s been rumored to work on a smartwatch that's a little bit different than the rest. Could this multi-display smartwatch become the next trend?

I’m Watch: The Underdog Android Smartwatch To Keep An Eye On

The I'm Watch Android smartwatch is the underdog with features that we think Samsung and other smartwatch developers didn't really expect to compete with.

Mimos: Wrist PC With A Physical Keyboard That Rivals The Smartwatch

Smartwatches are cool and all, but what if you could put a whole PC on your wrist? The Mimos wrist PC watch is a noble project currently being developed.

Rock: This 2-Inch Android Smartwatch Phone Is A Beast

A new Android smartwatch called the Rock is a beast of a device when you look at its features and size. If you're looking for a BIG watch, this is the one.

Nissan Enters The Wearable Technology Market With Nismo Smartwatch

Nissan has entered the ever growing smartwatch market with a new watch called the Nismo smartwatch. It has a slew of impressive features worth looking into.

EmoPulse Smile: A Bracelet Smartwatch Jam-Packed With Useful Features

There are a lot of technology companies announcing their own innovative smartwatch right now, but are they as innovative as the EmoPulse Smile smartwatch?

Hoop Tracker: The Smartwatch That Will Improve Your Basketball Skills

This smartwatch was designed to improve your basketball skills. It tracks the make/miss of every shot in real time and provides a ton of stats to help you.

Kapture Smartwatch Is The Next Step In Wearable Technology

People are eagerly awaiting advanced smartwatches. The Kapture smartwatch constantly records all the sounds around you at all times. Is this the future?

The Future Interface Of A Smarter Smartwatch [Video]

We hope the future interface presented on smartwatches is as good as this one. It uses the armband to transfer touch gesture controls into the smartwatch.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 – Tradition Meets Technology

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a beast of a smartwatch, but the question is whether it is worth the price. We have taken a closer look at the watch!

How The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Winning Female Players

Mobil gaming has been dominated by male gamers for a long time, but now the mobile gaming industry is winning female gamers. This is how...

Quick Guide To Everything Announced At The Apple 2014 Keynote

Here is your quick guide to everything announced at the Apple 2014 keynote event. Everything from the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch to the NFC feature.

3 Ways Digital Devices Are Changing Our Lives

From the 7 inch Samsung Nook tablet to constant Twitter access, daily life is changing. Here are 3 ways digital devices are changing our lives.