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5 Overlooked Ways To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Having trouble sleeping at night and can not figure out why? These 5 great tips will perfect your sleep and have you counting sheep in a jiffy.

Clear Coffee Will Banish Your Sleep And The Teeth Stains Too

Still looking for that high-caffeine drink that will not stain your teeth yet still taste like coffee? Here it is! It is called Clear Coffee or CLR CFF!

This Happens When Richard Branson Catches You Sleeping On The Job

Sleeping on the job? This unsuspecting guy Richard Branson caught sleeping on the job is lucky to have a boss like Sir Branson. Here's what happened!

Automated Sensor-Controlled Stair Lights Make Sleepwalking More Safe

This genius little stair lights idea was hatched by a German fellow who we think didn't want to fall down the stairs ever again in the middle of the night.

Sleep Texting: How To Avoid This New Ailment Affecting Geeks

If you have a problem sleep texting or sleep emailing at night, you are not alone. It's more common than you think. Here are some ideas to help you stop.

Measure The Quality Of Your Sleep With The Sleep Cycle App

The Sleep Cycle app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to detect your movements while you sleep. It provides you with a guide to your sleep patterns.

Military Style Hidden Safe Under The Bed Lets You Sleep On Valuables

This military style hidden safe is securely incorporated into your bed. It's perfect for people who want to optimize space while keeping their stuff safe.

The Napping EnergyPod Cradles You In Comfort While You Sleep At Work

Progressive companies are realizing the boost in productivity that can come from allowing employees to sleep at work in this EnergyPod for a few minutes.

Railroad T-Shirt Is Perfect Entertainment For Kids (While You Sleep)

This railroad t-shirt, which is great entertainment for kids, will allow you to get a 5 or 10 minute power nap during the day while they play on your back.

How Technology Can Keep You From Falling Asleep While Driving

Falling asleep while driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. There are ways you can use technology to help keep you awake.

QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed: Perfect For Falling Asleep On Your Keyboard

This QWERTY keyboard sofa bed, which is perfect for putting in your office, works great on nights when you want to literally fall asleep on your keyboard.

There Is No Being Late With The “Sleep If U Can” Wake-Up App

If you have trouble getting up in the mornings thanks to the snooze button, the "Sleep If U Can" wake-up app will jolt your lazy butt out of bed on time.

Should I Sleep App Uses Face Detection To Keep Your Mac Awake

This "Should I Sleep" Mac app will determine whether or not to keep your Mac awake by using your webcam to detect eyes, a nose and a mouth. Quite geeky!

Public Sleeping Rack Device Becomes A Huge Success In China

Sleeping while commuting from place to place is not exactly the easiest of tasks. With the public sleeping rack, things could get a bit more comfortable.

Lullaby Sleep Tracker Monitors Your Bedroom & What Disturbs Your Sleep

The Lullaby sleep tracker, which is still in development, tracks not only your sleep patterns but it can also tell you why you are waking up in the night.