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6 Effective Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

If you are struggling to build your following on Instagram then you might be in need of a little bit of help. these 6 effective ways may work for you.

How To Increase Your Brand Name Awareness With Instagram

Building an engaging following on Instagram is not hard, however, it takes skills and dedication to get a good audience. Here are a few tips that will help.

266 Instagram Hashtags For Entrepreneurial Rock Stars [Infographic]

If you want to become an entrepreneurial rock star on Instagram, use these 266 Instagram hashtags. They will do wonders to your influence!

25 Ways To Get Highly Engaged Instagram Followers [Inforgraphic]

If Instagram is a lonely place for you then these 25 tips will help you grow your following and get more engaging Instagram followers. Simple as that!

Looksery: Real Time Face Modification App – Instagram On Steroids

If you don't know anything about the Looksery app yet then it's about time you check it out. It's on its way to becoming the next Instagram on steroids.

You Can Now Turn Your Instagram Pictures Into Marshmallows

Want to give away a personalized gift this Christmas? This Instagram picture marshmallows service is going make you the best Santa ever this year!

Cat Vision: How Your Cat Sees Those Instagram Pics And YouTube Videos

These photographs will help you understand cat vision like never before. They show the differences between what humans see and what cats see. Fascinating!

How To Make An ‘Instagram Selfie Photo’ Halloween Costume (Super Easy)

If you want to make a super easy Halloween costume that will deliver a lot of laughs, turn yourself into an Instagram selfie photo. It's super easy to make.

Instagram Hotel: Stay For Free If You Have Enough Instagram Followers

This luxury Instagram hotel caters to Instagram lovers. If you have at least 10,000 Instagram followers, they'll even let you stay one night for free.

Brands Start To Offer Instagram Rewards For Your Best Pictures

An app called SnapMyAd works in collaboration with Instagram to bring you Instagram rewards. Get rewarded for the pics you let brands use in their marketing

If Superheroes Had Instagram, These Would Be Their Pics

If superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man had Instagram, what would their pics look like? These images explore this idea and show you what they'd be like.

Sneaker Design: Custom Nikes Made From Your Instagram Photos

You can create your own Nike sneaker design using custom colors from your special Instagram photos. These shoes will incorporate the colors from your pics.

Instagram Inspired DIY Photo Booth For Your Next Party

Everyone likes having fun with photo booths. This Instagram inspired DIY photo booth tutorial will let you build your own. Use it at your next party.

Now: App That Sorts Instagram Photos To Find The Hotspots In Your Town

This free app called Now will sort geotagged Instagram photos to present you with a list of places you might want to visit based on where you are located.

How Did Instagram’s Privacy Policy Goof Affect The Site’s Reputation?

Instagram is the latest in a string of social media sites making privacy policy goofs. They changed their terms of service then quickly apologized to users.