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Food Recommendations – 6 Must-Try Foods While Touring In Santiago

If you are ever touring in Santiago, never neglect to try out these 6 foods. Missing out on these must-try foods is definitely a sin that you will regret.

The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube Pastry For The Intelligent Food Fanatic

Playing with your food? Well, this heavenly Rubik's cube pastry creation is the ultimate food creation to play with. Are you smart enough to solve it?

QR Fridge Magnets Keeps Track Of Your Food’s Expiration Dates

Finding expired food in the fridge is ultimately annoying, we all know that! However, with these QR Fridge Magnets that annoyance can be forever avoided

New Way To Taste Food: Smell It Through A Ridiculous Smartphone Add-On

With this way to taste food, instead of eating expensive food, you eat a bowl of rice while smelling the expensive food scent coming out of your smartphone.

Clothing Cam Snaps Food Pics And Calculates Calories More Accurately

These tiny cameras embedded into clothing (clothing cams) take food pics and then analyze them to provide an extremely accurate calorie count to the dieter.

10 Essential Food Hacks That Every Home Chef Should Know [Video]

These 10 food hacks are designed to make the life of a home chef easier and more optimized. These are things that everyone who cooks will find useful.

Futuristic Look At Semi-Photosynthetic Humans Growing Food With Light

There are many ideas that revolve around growing food in new ways, but this one is the most outrageous yet. It addresses the future global food shortage.

Fooducate App Educates You About What Is Really In The Food You Buy

The Fooducate app educates you about the foods you buy at the grocery store. It helps you determine which foods are really healthy and which ones aren't.

Interactive Food: High Tech Sushi With Edible QR Codes On Top

This high tech sushi has little, edible QR codes on top. When they are scanned, they provide info about the sushi itself. Great example of interactive food!

Restaurant Introduces Tableside Flying Delivery Of Food By Drone

YO! Sushi restaurant in London is currently trying out the flying delivery of food using a high tech drone. The experience seems to be on the edge of tech.

Food Ads & Billboards That Produce Virtual Odor That Smells Like Food

How would you like to walk passed a fried chicken ad that has outgoing airflow coming from it that smells like the chicken? Scented food ads are a reality.

Ultimate Food Feeder Gaming Helmet Now Unveiled

Yesterday one of the most epic gaming accessories was unveiled. It was the MMM 3000 food feeder gaming helmet delivered to YouTube star Tom Syndicate.

Film Roll Salt & Pepper Shakers To Spice Up Your Food Pics

These salt & pepper shakers which each look like a film roll will brighten your kitchen, your dinner table and your food pics. They're perfect for photogs.

Hidden Dangers Of Working In The Food Industry [Infographic]

Working in the food industry can be brutal. Those who have done it know exactly what I mean. Those who haven't can learn about it in this infographic.

Food Discovery App Enables Vibrant Photo Sharing For Food Fanatics

The FoodShootr app could possibly redefine how we find our food in the future. This food discovery tool has huge potential. We just have to help it grow.