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These Aliens Sneakers Are The Perfect Tribute To Our Favorite Movie

As the new Alien movie Alien: Covenant is about to hit the movie screens these awesome fandom sneakers show up and completely steals the fans attention.

Scary Five Finger Fillet Robot Recreates The Memorable Scene From Aliens

Remember that scene from Aliens where Bishop did the Five Finger Fillet on Hudson? Well, this daredevil has instructed his robot to the same on its master.

China Completes The World’s Largest Alien-Hunting Radio Telescope

Whether you believe in life in outer space or not, China just completed the world's largest alien-hunting radio telescope and it's absolutely massive.

Star Trek Characters & Aliens As Imagined By Pixar

These Star Trek characters & aliens are redesigned as if they are part of Pixar. Some of them look bizarrely familiar, while others look entirely different.

Calling All Humanoid Aliens: This Is The Officially Licensed TARDIS PC

The officially licensed TARDIS PC is perfect for any fan of the doctor. It would be perfect in your workstation next to your plush Dalek. It's your TARDIS!

Power Loader From The Movie Aliens Soon A Reality

In the future, we could very well use exoskeletons that look and perform similarly to the power loader in Aliens. It's currently being realized.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Cosplay: Alien & Predator Are Best Buddies After All

This Alien and Predator sci-fi fantasy cosplay, which highlights best friends, reminds us that friendships can develop in the most unexpected places.

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