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Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Is Far From Your Standard LEGO Wear
Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Is Far From Your Standard LEGO Wear

Downsizing Retirement Lifestyle Header

How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]

The pressures of the workplace are long gone, the chicks have flown from the nest and you’ve got weeks and weeks of glorious time stretching ahead of you – yes, it’s fair to say that retirement has its positives. However, as one of the biggest turning points in people’s lives, retirement can also seem a scary prospect – you’re no longer tied to routine, you have less responsibility, and you may be unsure what to do with yourself at first. But, once you find your ...

Pampered Pets Luxury Gifts

Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]

People adore pets in the UK, and nothing brings more warmth to people’s hearts than the love of a furry, feather or even scaly little pal. From being greeted at the door by a waggy tail and adoring eyes to cuddles on the sofa, pets bring so much joy to people’s lives that they have become almost as integral to our homes as our family members. Even less-animated pets such as goldfish and guinea pigs are placed in surprisingly high esteem in British households. People ...

IBM Watson Against Transcriptionists Header

Ultimate Showdown – IBM Watson vs Two Transcriptionists [Infographic]

Services like Google Translate are all the rage nowadays. The technology is able to listen to words and determine, to a degree, what the individual is saying and respond back with the requested information. However, is this service actually better than a live individual who is transcribing what they hear? To put that to the test, a recent study used two professional transcriptionists and pitted them against IBM Watson, known as the smartest machine on earth, in order to transcript song lyrics. How the two ...

Social Gaming Growth 2016

Social Gaming To Continue Growth In 2016

We are a generation of people who live on their phones. We organise our lives through them and continually find new ways to communicate on them. Whereas previously a mobile phone was solely used for making phone calls or *gasp* even texting, we have now taken our phone reliance to a whole new level. Social media blew up and it became the next logical step to incorporate this software onto mobile platforms. Now we can scarcely imagine one without the other. With social media becoming a ...


How Virtual Reality Will Influence The Property Market

The property and real estate world has always been in a flux. In fact, the only constant has been the amount of changes that take place in the industry. And with the rate of technological advancement that we’ve seen in the last few years there is little wonder that it has had an effect on the property and real estate market. However, before now the changes have predominantly been on the surface of the market with small changes here and there, but the release of ...

Massive Samsung Galaxy View

A Closer Look At The MASSIVE Samsung Galaxy View

Big is beautiful, or so they say, but can this be applied to mobile devices? The course of innovation has fluctuated in the technology sector, especially when it comes to smartphones and similar mobile devices. The inaugural devices of the 1980’s were large and cumbersome, for example, before technological advancement made it possible to create smaller handsets without compromising on performance. The majority of today’s devices can be described as a hybrid of these distinct design approaches, with small, slim line bodies incorporating large and ...

Art Of Multi-Party Negotiations

The True Art Of Multi-Party Negotiations

As high tech as business has become, and as many advances as there have been, some of the most exciting innovations have been in the types of business conducted, differences that reflect our changing economic landscape. One such change growing in popularity is the specialized business environment, such as those that involve more than two parties forming complex business partnerships. According to, there’s a delicate balancing act where both clients and businesses are trying to walk the same tightrope, and making it run smoothly ...

7 Great Poetry Collections

7 Poetry Collections You Want In Your Reading List

Most people regard poetry as some sort of lesser level reading, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many times there are life lessons to be learned through poetry that you just won’t get from an ordinary book or a full-length novel. On top of that it makes for easy reading. Think of it as pocket life education. It’s there when you have time and you will never have to immerse yourself more than you have time for. A full-length novel will keep you ...

Tip Better Photos Smartphone

10 Tips For Taking Better Photos On Your Smartphone

It’s super simple to take photos with our phones nowadays. The inbuilt cameras tend to be of really high quality and we have them on our person almost all the time. We can share our snaps via various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. But what can we do to transform our photos from average to awesome? As it turns out there are a lot of things that you can do to increase the quality and help you take better photos with your smartphone. ...


5 Tips On How To Look Swagger Both Day And Night With Just One Suit

Choosing what to wear isn’t always easy because different occasions demand different styles. Men who work in an office will often wear quite formal clothes so that they make a good impression and can meet clients. In the evenings and at night, you’re either required to dress down for a more laid-back style when going out with colleagues, or dress up if you’re visiting the opera or going to a business dinner. Luckily, a suit can be dressed up and down as required without much ...

20 Fascinating Education Facts

20 Fascinating Facts About Education Around The World

On every continent, in every country throughout the globe, education is slightly different. Although the same debates are had, for example, the best age at which to begin compulsory education and the perfect length for a school day, the answers various nationalities arrive upon vary greatly. It is nothing less than fascinating to delve into this data and it doesn’t take long before you realize that education around the world is ultimately different even though we all pretty much learn the same things. It is ...

XNSPY Office Home Monitoring

XNSPY – A Handy Tool For Monitoring Everything

The realm of monitoring has been aggrandized with the advent of smartphones — it’s both appeasing and appalling in its rare manifestation. Some might want to catch a cheating spouse; others may just use it for a genuine and legal reason. That’s right people — monitoring your employees or kids is not illegal in the U.S. within certain limits, and XNSPY makes sure that people can monitor what they care about while abiding by the law. Before the culture of BYOD (Bring your own device), ...

Avoiding Major Branding Fails

Is Your Business Guilty Of These Branding Fails?

Branding fails are usually reserved for the big guns of the consumer world, when they tweet unsuitable material by accident or set up content to auto generate without thinking about how people will take advantage of an opportunity to be offensive – such as when the New England Patriots tried to simply say thank you to their 1 million followers and unknowingly sent out a racist tweet. A lot can go lost when you don’t utilize the power of social media the right way. To ...

Benefits Of A/B Testing

The Incredibly Profitable Benefits Of A/B Testing

When you develop a new product, website, or email campaign that is designed for a large audience, you may take different steps to make it successful. Definitely, you want to find out what is best for your customer and what will make him happy. A/B testing is a secret ingredient or a special flavoring for building a hot product that people love. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works and what you can expect. The Whole New Era Of User Experience Today, ...

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